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A Quiet Reality
A Chaplain's Journey into Babylon, Iraq with the 1 Marine Expeditionary Force
Emilio Marrero, Jr.
From the Bronx to the rivers of Babylon, the "Mayor of Babylon" Chaplain Emilio Marrero tells a fascinating story of war, compassion, struggles, faith, and ancient biblical history in a country that we read about daily -- Iraq. As he describes the different events, it is obvious he continues to carry out the order of his Marine Commanding Officer: "Take care of my Marines." He tells the true story of saving Babylon for civilization. Strongly recommended, a must read, A Quiet Reality is a different view of the war, the people, and the accomplishments made in that part of the world.
— Rear Admiral Fred Metz, US Navy (Retired), Naval Aviator
(706) 586-8189 Living Beyond the Sanctuary
Discipleship in the Real World
Glenn McDonald
With a pastor's heart, a storyteller's tongue and a pilgrim's spirit, Glenn McDonald has offered the church an invaluable tool for growth. Living Beyond the Sanctuary is a realistic roadmap for integrating what happens on Sunday morning to the daily grind of the Christian's week....
— Jill M. Hudson, Governing Body Relations Coordinator, Presbyterian Church (USA) and author of When Better Isn't Enough: Evaluation Tools for the 21st Century Church ...more

Redeeming Relationships Redeeming Relationships
How to Resolve 10 Common Conflicts and Reduce their Frequency
Marty Trammell, Ph.D. and Rich Rollins, D.Min.
Everyone has conflicts in their everyday lives, here is a way to find solutions to the most common conflicts and reduce their frequency. (732) 864-8420

484-356-0419 Before You Were Mine
Discovering Your Adoptive Child's Lifestory
Susan Tebos and Carissa Woodwyk
Helps adoptive parents learn about their child's life prior to adoption and to create a lifebook from a faith perspective that will allow parents to share it with their child at an appropriate time 801-818-6340

5037915045 Criminals of the Bible
Twenty-Five Case Studies of Biblical Crimes and Criminals
Mark Jones
An historical account of twenty-five biblical crimes, the people involved, the consequences of their actions and the lessons they learned. ...more